Guillotine systems, which are widely used today, were generally preferred on the ground floors due to the difficulty of cleaning. The system, which has been redesigned to solve the cleaning problem of the system with the new developed methods and to offer more comfortable cleaning in areas such as balconies and terraces, especially in the residences located on high floors, provided both cleaning and ventilation of the environment by opening the lower panel and middle panel inward by 22.5°. mode of operation: Different from the way glazing systems work, the panels are systems that open and close as a result of vertical operation with automation method. The motor, to which the chain or belt attached to the sub-panel is connected, runs up or down with the command of the system control buttons..

Considering the shortcomings of the guillotine systems used as Lockwin, we produced alternative series depending on the purpose of use. Designed to provide higher insulation in application areas, NOVARS THERMO guillotine series with insulated heat barrier profile and NOVARS insulating glass guillotine series provide maximum insulation and allow you to create more comfortable living spaces.

Technical details

Aluminum feature : EN6063 / T5 Thermal 7-13

Colour options : Pressrall colour , Wood veneer 

Glass type : 24mm combination double glazing

System option:  Standard opening, –Transom (can be cleaned)

carrier mechanism: chain system

Sealing: UV Additive bristle brush, gasket

Glass profile combination: polyurethane adhesive

Maximum system height3000 mm

Maximum Width4500 mm (suggested)

Used engine : tubular motor with 120 nw receiver

Engine carrying capacity : 200 kg

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Tehnical drawings