Sliding systems, which stand out with their easy use among glass balcony systems today, provide a panoramic view with minimum profile and maximum glass feature and offer wider and more comfortable living spaces. It is especially preferred in areas such as balconies, terraces and winter gardens outside the living area. How the system works: It opens and closes by sliding the panels to the right or left parallel to each other. System options: A system with a threshold is preferred for sections without a transition area, and a system without a threshold is preferred for sections with a transition area.

Considering the shortcomings of the sliding systems used as Lockwin, we have produced alternative series depending on the purpose of use. It consists of ANKA THERMO sliding, ANKA DOUBLE GLASS sliding and L.EGE sliding series suitable for 8-10 mm glass use, the profiles of which are designed with polyamide barrier for water that captured between inner surface of profiles due to adverse external weather conditions.

Technical Details

Aluminum feature: EN6063 / T5 Thermal 7-13 

Colour options :Grey ,Rall colour , Wood veneer

Glass type : 20 mm combination double glazing

Carrier bearing : Delrin plated 606zz bearing

Frame Profile Width :4X rail (13,7 cm),3X rail (10,5 cm)

Bottom Rail Profile Height :Threshold (4,5 cm), Without threshold(1,8 cm)

End profile options : Double sided handle , Flat end profile

Lock optionsStandard sliding lock, keyed lock

plastic cover : Polyamide

Sealing : UV added bristle brush

Glass profile combinationpolyurethane adhesive

Maximum Height :2600 mm

Maximum Panel Size : 3 m2

Maximum Panel Weight : 75 kg

Section view