Especially folding glass balcony systems, which make balconies a part of the house, take the shape of the area where they are applied and offer easy use and comfortable cleaning opportunities. Among the glazing systems, it is preferred in areas such as balconies, winter gardens, terraces, thanks to the highest insulation, minimum rain and wind permeability.. How the system works: The system is opened by moving the panels to the right or left, opening them inward on the exit track and folding them one on top of the other.

Technical Details

Alumınum feature : EN6063 / T5  Thermal  7-13

Profile colors options :  Press , grey , Rall color , Wood veneer

Glass type : 8mm thickness,  ranparent , smoked , blue, bronze, green tempered glass

Bottom case profile : 40mm width ,  adjustable dropper profile  ,double  wheel channel

Upper case profile : 40mm width ,   With external adjustment profile depending on usage area

Lock systems : Chain lock mechanism

Maximum Number of panels : One-way 9 panels or Two-way 18 panels

Maximum height : 2400mm

Maxsimum Panel weight : 60 Kg

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