Unlike the way glazing systems work, the panels are a system that opens and closes as a result of vertical operation with automation method. The insulated guillotine series, designed for the widespread use of guillotine systems and to provide higher insulation in application areas, allows you to create more comfortable living spaces by providing maximum insulation with the use of heat barrier profiles and insulating glass.

CLEANABLE SYSTEM FEATURE: The system, designed to provide more comfortable cleaning in residences on high floors, provides both cleaning and ventilation of the environment by opening the lower panel and middle panel inward by 22.5°.


How the system works; It is opened with the help of the control buttons on the control or button surface of the panels, by moving the system upwards or downwards.

Insulation ; There is a double-staged poylemid imported barrier in the profile design interior.

Usage areas ; Balcony, terrace, winter garden without transition area

Available color options; Rall  colors  , Wood veneer

Available glass options; Impact and break resistant 24mm insulating glass

Mechanism options; steel alloy chain system and Polyurethane coated steel wire belt system

Cleanable System; With the opening of the lever mechanism attached to the lower panel, the middle and lower panel cleaning is provided by opening the panel 22.5° inward.

Engine options; 70mm tubular motor with 120 NW self or external receiver



Profiles designed with a poylemid barrier prevent the passage of external weather conditions into the interior. Profiles designed with a poylemid barrier prevent the passage of external weather conditions into the interior.

Steel alloy chain and gear mechanism that acts as a carrier for the panels to be lifted up.

With the side frame profile designed as double barrier, insulation is provided by preventing perspiration on the inner surface of the profile and the passage of outside air conditions into the interior area.

The biggest advantage of the guillotine systems is that it acts as a railing when the panels are in the open position. It prevents possible handshake with its movable top cover.

The box profile, which is designed with a cover, provides extra insulation thanks to the insulation material on the inner walls.

With the 100% cleanable transom system designed for the use of guillotine systems on high floors, the lower and middle panels can be opened at an angle of 22.5°, allowing easy cleaning of the windows.

Ventilation of the indoor environment can be achieved by opening the lower panel of the system.

When the system is closed, it provides maximum isolation and panoramic view.