Especially folding glass balcony systems, which make balconies a part of the house, take the shape of the area where they are applied and offer easy use and comfortable cleaning opportunities. Among the glazing systems, it is preferred in areas such as balconies, winter gardens, terraces, thanks to the highest insulation, minimum rain and wind permeability.. How the system works: The system is opened by moving the panels to the right or left, opening them inward on the exit track and folding them one on top of the other.

Considering the shortcomings of the folding systems used as Lockwin, we have produced alternative systems depending on the purpose of use. With our patented design Plus handle mechanism, it has been made safer and more convenient in the area where the system is applied.

Technical Details

Aluminum feature: EN6063 / T5 Thermal 7-13

Colour options : Press , grey, Rall colour , Wood veneer

Glass type : 28mm combination double glass

Carrier bearing :Delrin plated 608zz bearing

Case profile : 4,5 cm 

Case height : 6,8 cm

Lock mechanism : Lever Lock mechanism

Plastic cover : Polyamide

Sealing :UV added bristle brush

Glass profile combination : polyurethane adhesive

Maximum system height : 2400 mm

Maximum panel width: 300-800 mm

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