Rolling Roof; It is known as a folding terrace in the industry. It can be applied in every conceivable place. In addition to the folding terrace, the product in question is also referred to as a retractable roof and a rolling terrace. If you want to have a different garden design, this product should be your choice. Thanks to this system, you can enjoy the outdoors as you wish. It should be mentioned that Rolling Roof Systems are widely used especially in winter garden works. It should be mentioned that this system will not cause any problems in matters such as lighting, as a result of the development of the glass system. Because it is a system produced to be resistant to storms and hail.

Properties ;

Rolling Roof, which can be done in any place, offers the folding and gathering movement, which no other sunroof arrangement in the world offers.

The device, which makes maximum use of the sun’s rays, contains the heat insulation feature.

Especially in the winter months, in sunny times, it provides a warm amount and benefit from the sun’s rays.

The system acquires functional quality by revolving around itself.

The motor is 220 v and designed according to the weight of the opening and closing part.

Benefits ;

It provides maximum defense in windy and dusty weather.

It has erasable properties. It can be cleaned like other glass.

When the rain, snow and storm subsides, the upper part is automatically opened once again.

Since the closing procedure is carried out with materials such as glass and polycarbonate, there is no lighting problem (there is no need for electrical lighting).

You don’t need to spend any power since it has a motor. You can quickly close the upper part of the garden with a click of a button.

It brings customer satisfaction through its comfortable consumption.

Where to use ;

It is also used in houses, in sections such as terraces, balconies and verandas.

The mechanism, which maintains the taste of the open air in the winter months, ensures maximum benefit from the sun’s rays.

Especially in the winter months, in sunny times, it provides a warm amount and benefit from the sun’s rays.