Unlike the way glazing systems work, the panels are a system that opens and closes as a result of vertical operation with automation method. The motor, to which the chain or belt attached to the sub-panel is connected, runs up or down with the command of the system control buttons. Generally, these systems are applied to the ground floors for cleaning reasons. With the new methods developed, this system has helped to solve the cleaning problem and has made it usable in areas such as balconies and terraces. depending on the purpose of use; It offers options such as 8 mm glass application, insulating glass application, pivot (openable middle panel) and transom (opening lower panel) applications.




How the system works; Panels are opened with the help of the control buttons on the control or button surface of the system by moving the system up or down.

Usage areas ; Balcony, terrace, winter garden without a transition area

Available color options; Rall Painted , Wood veneer

Available glass options; 8mm or 20mm combination double glazing resistant to impact and breakage

 Mechanism options; steel alloy chain system and Polyurethane coated steel wire belt system

Cleanable System; Center panel opening Pivot mechanism or lower panel opening transom system

Engine options; 120 NW 70mm tubular motor with self or external receiver


Side profile width; 11 cm 

Upper profile height ; 15 cm 

Upper profile width; 13,5 cm 

Glass thickness; 8mm or 20mm double glass

Max height : 350 cm

Max width ; 450 cm

Max system area; 12 m²

Glass and Aluminum Combination; polyurethane adhesive