Especially folding glass balcony systems, which make balconies a part of the house, offer easy use and comfortable cleaning. The fact that it can be applied to balcony types of all models and shapes increases the use of the systems in modern buildings. Among the glazing systems, it is preferred in areas such as balconies, winter gardens, terraces, thanks to the highest insulation, minimum rain and wind permeability.



  • System Working Method; The system is opened by moving the panels to the right or left, opening them inward on the exit track and folding them one on top of the other.
  • Usage areas ; Balcony, terrace, Winter garden

  • Available color options; Anodized(natural), Bronze colour, Rall Painted, Wood veneer

  • Available glass options; 8mm Impact and shatter resistant tempered glass

  • Lock system; With the patented design PLUS arm mechanism, the system is closed with the arm angle on the arm profile surface connected to the panel, and the mechanism in the interior is driven into the inner section of the case profile.

  • Out-of-System Available products; Curtain Profile (110mm) can be used to leave a distance in the upper ceiling uneven areas or roller blind application, and stoppage can be used to prevent the panels from closing due to the wind when they are open.

  • Applicable areas; Flat balconies, angular balconies and 85-179 degree angled balconies.




Insulation rate ; 98%


It allows you to eliminate the insulation problems that may arise from possible glass sweating or to drain the wheel outlet leaks out again in extremely heavy rains.

It offers safer systems with the Arm system designed to make the opening and closing panel system easier to open and close.

It is designed to eliminate the slope (1-2.5 cm) errors on the possible side wall of the building, with the profile detail designed independently of each other.