It provides a panoramic view with its ease of use, aesthetic appearance, minimum aluminum and maximum glass feature. It allows us to create larger and more comfortable areas in the winter garden, balcony, terrace, cafes and restaurants.

Usage; It is opened and closed by sliding the panels to the right or left parallel to each other.

Area of ​​use: It is applied to protect the sections outside the living area from adverse weather conditions (rain-wind). A threshold system is preferred in sections without a transition area, and a non-threshold system is preferred for sections with a transition area.



The system is opened and closed with the right or left movement of the panels on the lower case with 2 wheels with double bearings.

Depending on the area of ​​use, 8 mm or 10 mm tempered glass is used in the system against impact and breakage.

With and without sill options, 5 or 3 boxes can be used depending on the usage area.

When the panels are closed, they turn into a monolithic system connected to each other with a clamped intermediate wick. For an aesthetic appearance, isolation is provided with a 21mm width and concealed bristle wick.

Lock and security ; A mortise lock is used, which can be locked by standard impact or manually. Depending on the purpose of use, key lock can be applied from inside and outside.

System bottom frame profile with dropper feature ; The system solves the insulation problems that may occur due to the perspiration of the glass on the inner surface. With the inclination in the frame structure, it prevents faster evacuation in heavy rains and water accumulation on the frame.


The system provides extra insulation with the profile designed for possible perspiration or isolation problems from the inner glass.

It is designed to be used in areas such as Balcony, Terrace, Winter Garden with a transition area. rail height is designed as 11 mm.

It provides easy cleaning by separating the intermediate panels parallel to each other in the sections that do not have a transition area

It allows the system to be opened and closed easily without using an extra arm.

It is designed to provide maximum opening area by opening the panels in the middle in areas with wide facades

Clamped spacers (20mm) designed for maximum panoramic view provide higher isolation.

It enables the system to be closed from inside or outside in sections with transition areas.

It is designed for practical locking

Medium combination can be applied for large areas in the system, which has a choice of 3 and 5 boxes according to the practice area.